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Own Academies

Own Academies In India For Training

  • Academy for Hotel Management
  • Academy for Oil & Gas
  • Academy for Technical studies (welding academy, fabrication technology, insulation, sheet metal, scaffolding/rigging, sandblasting and painting, HVAC, lift &elevator technology, home maintenance technicians)
  • Academy for professional studies

Versatile sector Experience

Sectors We Have Most Experiences In

Hotel, Catering, Housekeeping

Our partners operate their training facilities for chefs, cooks, bakery, confection, butchery, and cleaning.) we can provide many workers on short notice!

Healthcare Workers

Doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff or any other medical profile. With our extensive database, we can deliver selected CVs in 48 hours.

Shutdown Maintenance

Refinery and petrochemical workers, we operate our institute for training engineers & technicians on safety, welding and fabrication, heat exchanges, valves, columns, reactors, rigging, scaffolding, insulation, etc. Our team in India can mobilise up to 5,000 skilled and certified workers in 3 working days after travel documents are arranged.

Large Infrastructure Projects

Workforce for construction of ports, airports, power plants, bridges, railway lines, etc.

Security Guard Professionals

Well-trained personnel in personal safety, and security management, fluent in English, available from offices in India, Nepal, Philippines, and Africa

MEP Projects

HACCAP technicians, A/C mechanics, electricians, plumbers, insulation specialists, sheet metal fabrication workers, instrumentation technicians, fitters, etc.

Retail Workers

logistic staff managers, cashiers, sales personnel, stock managers, etc.) Candidates are presented in 48 hrs!

Ship Building

Ship building and Ship repair.

Construction Of Refineries

Gas plants, storage tanks, roads, ports, cities (all available on short notice and in large numbers).

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