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Introduction To Asian HR Solutions

Find talent in India and Asia!

Asian HR Solutions is a service offering comprehensive HR solutions from India to organisations globally with focus on Slovenia, Croatia and the rest of the EU.

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40 years’ experience finding talent and recruiting out of India

About Us

Asian HR Solutions is a service offering comprehensive HR solutions from India to organisations globally, focusing on Slovenia, Croatia and the rest of the EU. Our services include talent recruiting from India and surrounding countries for global clients. With four regional offices and 20 procurement offices in India, we can find the right type of talent for your needs. Our 360-degree process includes talent search, recruitment, and selection and with the help of our extensive database in India, this is all done in a couple of days. Our Partners in India have a 40-year history of searching and successfully recruiting talent for global clients.

Why Work With Us And Our Partners

  • 40 years’ experience in the field.
  • Daily updated database of millions of CVs across the globe.
  • Senior managers/engineers for conducting on-site and detailed interviews in Asia.
  • Experience in small to mega-sized projects where thousands of people are needed.
  • Highly experienced sourcing, interviewing and recruiting team.
  • Speedy mobilisation after visa approval, as our partner offices are present globally.
  • Specialised department for verifying the welfare of workers after work starts.

Recruitment And Hiring Process


Professional Team Members

Meet Our Experts

Jure Tomc, MBA


Jure is an experienced manager and CEO with almost 20 years of experience working in international markets, managing companies in retail, wholesale and online sales. For the last 18 years, much of his focus has been on Asian markets and working as a mentor and coach to Startups and SMEs.

Oksana Torbych

Board Member & Partner at Priory Capital

Oksana has a banking, strategy and governance background, is a global ambassador for women's empowerment, and works closely with several not-for-profit organisations.

Dr. Deepak Narwal

Economic Senator

Deepak is an expert in inter-governmental and cross-country business relationships, as well as between private sector and ESG markets and collaborations between countries in Asia, the EU, the UK, Canada and the USA to provide more significant opportunities to the young generation.



Completed Projects

760 health workers for a Cleveland based hospital ranging from operations managers, food and beverage managers, cooks, waiters, Sous Chefs (Asian, Arabic, Continental, Pastry…), housekeeping staff, porters…

Completed Project 1

13,000 employees for National Company for Tourism and Hotels in Abu Dhabi for catering support services (catering managers, chefs, cooks, waiters, butchers, cleaners etc.).

Completed Project 2

Over 200 people for clients in Slovenia, ranging from Cable jointers, cable laying experts, excavator operators, truck drivers, masons, carpenters, steel fixers, labourers, etc.

Completed Project 3

Warehouse workers in Poland, 100 people....

Completed Project 4

Trailor Drivers in for a Hungarian transport company, 45 people....

Completed Project 5

Optical cable infrastructure project in Germany, where the need is for 2 civil foreman, 6 heavy drivers, 6 excavator operators, 18 general construction helpers, 10 cable jointers....

Completed Project 6

Solar power plant construction company in Germany, 40 solar panel technicians....

Completed Project 7

20 steel fixers for a project based in Bosnia and Herzegovina....

Completed Project 8

Construction project in Slovenia where we were required to source 4 civil foreman, 40 shuttering carpenters, 20 block masons, 20 steel fixers, 20 tile masons....

Completed Project 9

Sectors We Have Most Experiences In

Hotel, Catering, Housekeeping

Our partners operate their own training facilities for chefs, cooks, bakery, confection, butchery, and cleaning.) we can provide a large number of workers on short notice!

Healthcare Workers

Doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff or any other medical profile. With our extensive database, we can deliver selected cvs in 48 hrs.

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