Cresco Innovation d.o.o., Mlakarjeva ulica 42, 1236 Trzin, Slovenia, EU

Hiring process


Recruitment & Hiring Process

  • Definition of requirement provided by the client (employment specification, needed certification, location, working hours, salary offered & other employment terms, etc.).
  • Finalisation of recruitment process, procedures and methods.
  • Search locally through our own CV database and search via local advertisements and social media if needed.
  • Screening of candidates.
  • Local interviews.
  • Preparations for final video interviews are arranged between the employer and selected candidates.
  • Skills testing is arranged if required.
  • Signing of employment contract.
  • Medical examination.
  • Preparation of documents for visa application.
  • Visa & travel formalities arrangement.
  • Completing immigration formalities.
  • Completing ticketing and reservations.
  • Pre-departure assistance to selected employees and orientation to the workers.
  • Departure.
  • Follow up and monitoring of employees’ welfare.
  • Monitoring client feedback and employee performance.